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APRIL 14-15, 2016, Hotel Elizabeth, Gibraltar Baguio City; a cohort of Civil Engineers had been gathered to attend the PICE Baguio Chapter annual summit; cleaving to the objective of furthering knowledge, camaraderie, and to widen opportunities and perspective of the country's engineers.

The summit was started by a solemn prayer, followed by the PICE anthem, a short opening remark, then straight-forward to nine series of seminars.

FDC President and CEO, Col. Crisostomo S. Ramos (Ret.) was among those who stood on the rostrum, given the privilege to speak about Engineering Management. Eight more seminars, covering the extents of Civil Engineering were discussed by ASEAN Engr. Federico Monsada and Philippine Technological Council President, Engr. Ramon Allado, Mr. Ernesto V. Quimson from DOLE, Engr. Rafael Macabiog from Hedcor, Engr. Bonifacio dela Pena - Dean of College of Engineering in SLU Baguio, Engr. Raul Apilado - Professor in Baguio SLU and Master in Structural Eng. , Engr. Samuel Advincula from DPWH CAR, and Engr. Maria Theresa Palma-Austria, a LEED APEB+OM Senior Sustainability Consultant.

Also, Holcim and Boysen had a privilege for a product presentation.



On 13 April 2016, FDC President and CEO, Col. Crisostomo S. Ramos (Ret) participated in the “Topping Off Ceremony “ on the Government Building of the Palayan City Government Center and Central Business Hub. This project consists of Government and Commercial Building, two Business Processing Outsourcing Buildings, and a Hotel and Commercial Center. All on a three (3) hectare lot in Barangay Singalat, Palayan City at Nueva Ecija. The project cost is PHP 1.534 Billion.

A Topping Off Ceremony is a western tradition that symbolizes the safe completion the structural framing of the building. The tradition started in pioneering days in the western world to ward off evil spirits that came with wood that is being used in the building. Our ancient Igorot customs in the Cordilleras are no different from the western beliefs. The Igorots pour chicken blood on the foundation of their huts before construction as a ritual to remove evil spirits on the ground. They pass tapuy (fermented rice wine) and chant prayers to godly spirits to protect the home participated by guests upon completion of the house. The Filipino custom of “House Blessing” is done by Christians when the building is ready for occupancy.

In Topping Off for buildings as practiced in some western countries, the last steel beam to complete the structural frame or, as in this case, the last batch of concrete mix to be poured in the frame is done in this ceremony. Whether to ward off evil spirits or some other purpose is not said but in this high technology era, it is to signify that the last member of the structural frame is completed and that the rest of the finishes like walls, electro-mechanical assemblies, aesthetics and claddings can now proceed.

The ceremony was done on the top floor of the Government and Commercial Building. Each of the VIP’s invited as guests poured the last shovel full of concrete. This was done by Dato’ Dr. Azmil Khalid, President & CEO of AlloyMTD Group of Malaysia with his staff Mr. Vincent Lee and Mr. Keith Cowling,Director and Advisor respectively. Followed by the President of AlloyMTD Philippines, Engr I saac S David, then Nueva Ecija Governor Aurelio Umali, Mayor of Palayan City Rhianne Cuevas. Other guests present were Governor of Bataan , Hon. Albert Garcia; NE Provincial Administrator Attorney Abesamis, and Landbank EVP Ms. Cecilia C. Borromeo.

Filipinas Dravo Corporation is the Independent Consultant and the Project Management Service provider for the whole project. FDC President Col. Crisostomo S. Ramos (Ret) , poured the last shovel of concrete signifying that that was the last drop to complete the structural frame and certifies to that effect.

Quisao Elementary School building donation


Filipinas Dravo Corporation (FDC) has donated a two storey, eight (8) classroom school building for the Quisao Elementary School located at Barangay Quisao, Pililia, Rizal.

Groundbreaking ceremonies was held last April 28, 2010 at 2:00pm on said school.  Construction of the school building began on May 17, 2010 and estimated completion date shall be on October 17, 2010.  The school building shall consist of a library room, computer room and six (6) classrooms. Two adjacent classrooms will have a retractable partition. It shall also include comfort rooms for male, female and event disabled individuals.

With the donation of the two storey, eight classroom school building at Quisao Elementary School, it could be said that countless children will significantly benefit from this project.

Inauguration of the PHILJA Training Center


The expansion (Renovation/Construction) of the PHILJA Training Center was started August 22, 2008. This project amounted to PhP 282,219,581.90 with the Variation Orders included.  Filipinas Dravo Corporation provided the Construction Management and Supervision Services for this project.

The inauguration was held last May 7, 2010 which was attended by no less than the President of the Philippines herself, Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Puno, Ambassador of Japan Makoto Katsura, the Justices of the Supreme Court, and the officers of Filipinas Dravo Corporation.


Filipinas Dravo Corporation (FDC) is now ISO 9001:2008 certified. FDC’s nominated external auditor and certifying body, the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification last August 03, 2010, after it has audited that FDC’s Quality Management System conforms to the ISO Quality Management System standards in terms of its operation as an Engineering and Architecture Consultancy Firm.

The said certificate is valid for three years until August 02, 2013.

During the certificate awarding ceremony last August 20, 2010, SGS Division Manager Mr. Roger Villanueva in his speech conveyed SGS’s satisfaction of FDC’s Quality Management System and encouraged FDC officers and staffs to properly implement the quality management system side by side with the company’s policy in order to enhance the competitiveness of the organization, and to meet the customer’s needs. He said that the two should always go together and FDC should not let one of them sleep or else the whole system will be affected.

In response, FDC’s President and CEO Ricardo M. Yuzon, Jr. iterated FDC’s commitment to provide the best quality and world-class consultancy services to meet its customer’s needs and expectations in the fields of engineering and architecture. We should continually improve in every aspect to showcase the quest for excellence of the Filipinos,” he added.

As an ISO certified organization, FDC’s Quality Management System should always conform to the ISO 9001:2008 standards. Nominated auditors will perform periodic surveillances covering the company’s management system, documentation, and process of rendering services. After the three-year period, the validity of the ISO certificate can be extended after a reassessment audit. The auditors will then check if FDC’s quality management system implementation is still in conformance to the ISO 9001:2008 standards.

The Filipinas Dravo Corporation commits itself to sustain the ISO 9001:2008 standards.

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